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Plastic Doesn't Belong in Our Oceans, It Belongs in Recycling Bins

America's plastics makers are committed to working on the problem of ocean litter. We support efforts to reduce waste, increase recycling and litter prevention programs, and foster regional and global partnerships. This site is dedicated to providing the latest and most substantive information available on the causes and sources of marine debris, and most importantly, to showing you what we're doing to help find solutions.

Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations
for Solutions on Marine Litter

Learn more about the Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter, a public commitment by the global plastics industry to tackle plastic in the marine environment.

Plastic makers are partnering with governments and conservationists to encourage recycling and discourage litter, working to educate children on the link between our litter and marine health, promoting industry wide practices to contain plastic pellets, and we're working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to advance scientific understanding of marine litter.

We know that plastics help make a wide range of useful, versatile products, and in many cases help to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions compared to alternatives. But, they do not belong in our environment. Working together, we can make a difference.

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The only way to manage the marine debris pollution issue is through prevention—changing behaviors that cause marine debris to enter the environment.


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