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While the marine debris problem has been in the news for decades, media interest in recent years has increased as efforts mount to combat the problem and as scientists and laypeople take to the seas to highlight the plight of our oceans.

This section provides relevant news releases from the American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division and selected media coverage.

ACC News Releases & Blog Posts:

Plastics Makers Working to Further Improve Significant Benefits of Packaging Through Increased Recycling and Recovery [1/19/2016]

New Study Emphasizes Importance of Preventing Marine Litter [1/12/2016]

Bipartisan Legislation to Remove Microbeads from Personal Care Products Signed into Law [12/28/2015]

World Plastics Council Pledges Support for Sustainable Solutions for Marine Debris [12/22/2015]

Senate Action to Remove Microbeads from Personal Care Products Will Ensure One Sensible National Standard [12/18/2015]

ACC Applauds House Passage of Legislation to Phase Out Use of Microbeads [12/7/2015]

ACC Applauds Bipartisan Effort to Phase out Solid Plastic Microbeads from Personal Care Products [11/18/2015]

Chinese Plastics Industry Associations Join Global Effort to Prevent Used Plastics from Entering the Environment [11/3/2015]

New Study Outlines a More Targeted Offense to Tackle "Ocean Plastic" [9/30/2015]

World Plastics Council Supports G-7 Leaders' Marine Litter Action Plan [6/15/2015]

New Tools to Help Communities Assess Potential to Generate Fuels from Used Plastics [6/8/2015]

New Assessment Recommends Treating Plastic Waste as a Resource [4/27/2015]

Plastics Makers Applaud New Jersey for Moving to Phase out Synthetic Microbeads in Personal Care Products [3/24/2015]

ACC Welcomes Legislation to Phase out Microbeads [3/5/2015]

Plastics Makers Call for Global Cooperation, Action to Prevent Marine Debris [2/12/2015]

World's Plastics Associations Promote Sustainability and Resource Recovery, and Renew Commitments to Marine Litter Solutions [12/12/2014]

America's Plastics Makers Support Calls to Address Litter in World's Oceans [12/10/2014]

Plasticity 2014: New Ways of Thinking About Old Problems [7/18/2014]

ACC's Steve Russell to Address Thought Leaders at Upcoming Plasticity Forum [6/23/2014]

International Plastics Industry Efforts to Combat Marine Litter Up 90-Percent [6/16/2014]

Plastics Makers Commend Illinois for Being First State to Phase Out Microbeads in Personal Care Products [6/9/2014]

Study on Microplastic in Arctic Ice Helps Us Better Understand Scope of Marine Debris Problem [5/29/2014]

New Study on Marine Plastics Does Not Find Significant Increases of Chemicals in Lab Fish Despite Much Higher Doses for Two of Three Chemicals Tested [11/22/2013]

World's Plastics Associations Promote Sustainability and Resource Recovery, and Renew Commitments to Marine Litter Solutions [11/20/2013]

Honolulu Facility Turns Lost Fishing Nets Into Energy [4/9/2013]

Plastics Makers: Litter and Marine Debris Are Solid Waste Management Problems [2/15/2013]

Plastics Don't Belong in Oceans; Industry Taking Action on Marine Debris [1/16/2013]

Marine Debris Act Reauthorization Will Help Much Needed Ocean Programs Grow and Thrive [12/17/2012]

Plastics Associations Report Progress on Global Marine Litter Commitments [12/6/2012]

Recycling of Non-Bottle Rigid Plastics Soars 72 Percent in Single Year [2/8/2012]

Recycling of Plastic Bags and Wraps Climbs 50 Percent in Five Years [2/6/2012]

Global Plastics Industry Launches Action Plan for Solutions on Marine Litter [11/17/2011]

Leading Plastics Associations in Canada and the U.S. Announce North American Plastics Alliance [7/7/2011]

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